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Standards of Financial Literacy

Your path to financial independence starts with understanding money. Topics include: consumerism, increasing income, career choices, budgeting, saving, investing, and much more!

Morgan Franklin Fellowship


We teach people how to save, invest and grow their money, while providing them with real-world opportunities to develop their business confidence. 

One person at a time.


Soft Skills

Employers often look for soft skills when hiring as they are important for building relationships, problem solving, and team work. While hard skills may not always transfer easily, soft skills are transferrable across careers and industries. This course will help you learn how to build your soft skills.


Now Available - Investing Series

To become Financially Independent, you need to understand the game. In this series of three courses, you’ll learn about different types of investments, how you can mitigate risk, and what regulations are in place to safeguard investments.


Our Passion

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to become financially independent.



Saving is one of the most valuable financial habits to develop. 


Investing is about generating future returns from an invested asset. 


Growing net worth increases assets and decreases liabilities over time. 

What Our Students Are Saying

"Every aspect of my education, my work life, my school life – something has followed me along from Morgan Franklin (Fellowship)."  

Allison D.
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